“A Hundred Hows” Virtual Learning Journeys

This is a page of videos all around the how of a science issue, a few of which are connected to sustainability (food waste, health, etc). Videos are oriented around a central question and could be strong in supplementing phenomenon-based units or lessons. The following videos have ties to sustainability:

  • How Do We Grow Crops Vertically in Singapore? Ever wondered how we can grow crops in land-scarce Singapore? Join our student How Guide, Pierre Yeap (SSEF 2021 Silver Award Winner), in learning how VertiVegies designed productive and innovative farming systems to grow plant crops in Singapore!
  • How Are Bees “Skilled Engineers” That Contribute to Our Environment? Did you know that bees are amazing engineers which support the production of 87 of the leading food crops worldwide? Join Nathaniel Tan, Singapore’s ISEF 2021 Student Delegate, in learning STEM lessons from these wonderful insects. 
  • How Do Male Wolbachia-Aedes Mosquitoes Fight Dengue in Singapore? Find out how male Wolbachia-Aedes mosquitoes help suppress the dengue mosquito population in Singapore in this virtual learning journey.
  • How Do “Little Mighty Soldiers” Combat Food Waste? What is ‘invisible food waste’ and how can we tackle food waste more sustainably? Who might these ‘little mighty soldiers’ that combat food waste be? Find out these answers and more in this virtual learning journey.

Organization: Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore was opened in 1977 by Dr. Toh Chin Chye, then the Minister of Science and Technology. Today, the Science Centre Singapore, together with Omni-Theatre and Snow City, receives more than 1 million visitors annually. Science Centre Singapore’s aspiration is to be a place where science befriends and transforms the minds of millions (Source).

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