Amara’s Farm

Amara searches for pumpkins on her farm in this vibrant exploration of gardening and healthy eating, from the Where in the Garden? series.

Amara is hosting a potluck for friends on her farm, and she needs help finding her pumpkins to serve a tasty dish. What do we know about pumpkins? They’re large, round, and orange—and, wait a minute, is that a pumpkin? No, that’s an apple. Where, oh, where could those pumpkins be? Can you help Amara find them in time for her potluck? The first title in the Where in the Garden? picture book series stars Amara, a young Black girl who explores the crops growing on her family’s intergenerational farm. Playful text guides young readers to hunt for visual clues and compare and contrast the unique characteristics of pumpkins against okra, cauliflower, eggplant, and other produce that grows on Amara’s farm. Artist Samara Hardy brings this multi-layered story to life with vivid, cheerful illustrations created from layers of hand painted ink and watercolor texture. Back matter includes a yummy molasses pumpkin bread recipe for little chefs and their adult helpers to try together. (Source)

Author: JaNay Brown-Wood, PhD

Illustrator: Samara Hardy

Author JaNay Brown-Wood, PhD, is an award-winning children’s author, poet, educator, and scholar. Her first children’s book Imani’s Moon won the NAESP Children’s Book of the Year Award and was featured on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show and Storytime with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, her second book Grandma’s Tiny House: A Counting Story! received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and won the CELI Read Aloud Book Award, and her third book SHHH! The Baby’s Asleep received a starred review from School Library Journal. JaNay loves to write, bake, teach, and spend time with her husband, Catrayel, and her daughter, Vivian. She has more than 15 books coming out soon!

Illustrator Samara Hardy is an experienced freelance illustrator and designer who creates artwork for greetings cards, stationery, homewares, children’s books, and much more. She has worked with clients across the globe to create tailor made design solutions for a varied customer base. She is represented by Plum Pudding Illustration.

Excerpt from the book Amara's Farm. Features Amara walking across a farm and waving to an elder on a rocking chair on the porch. Amara is pulling a red wheelbarrow holding a corgi. The text says: "Amara has many plants on her far. Today, Amara must find her pumpkins for her autumn potluck. What do we know about pumpkins?"
Excerpt from the book. (Source)

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