Autonomous Trucks: The Future of Freight Transport

Autonomous Trucks: The Future of Freight Transport discusses the sustainable transportation of goods and services through the use of electric transportation and trucks without cabs.

Organization: Museu WEG

A Museum only makes sense to the extent that each one feels reflected and honored in some way. To the extent that it provokes questions, to the extent that each information captured results in one more question, in a succession of events that transforms and makes us better, as human beings, as citizens and as professionals. The WEG Museum was created on September 16, 2003 under this perspective. The history of WEG, the culture of Jaraguá do Sul, and the wonders of science and technology gathered in one place, creating a space for emotion, reflection and citizenship. For WEG, creating this museum, in the same building that housed its first headquarters, is to reinforce its ties with these three elements, in a return to its own roots, which is nothing more than the preparation for higher flights (Source).

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