Grizzly Bear – The most ferocious protector of her babies in the animal kingdom. Black Bear – A young bear on the run in the suburbs. Polar Bear – The King of the Ice, defending his crown in a changing world. This tale is about three bears and is an educational novel for young children, or any age. Are you a fan of bears and curious about their adventures? Check out this beautiful book by Ted Rechlin! (Source)

Author(s): Ted Rechlin

Author, Illustrator & Creative Director of Rextooth Studios, Ted Rechlin loves to tell stories and draw pictures of wildlife and natural history. Ted got his professional start drawing for DC Comics at age 19. He has been working as a freelance author/illustrator for more than a decade and has contributed his work to many museums, zoos, and publishing companies including DC Comics, Skyhorse Publishing, and Dover Publications. Ted is the author/illustrator of six books including Jurassic, which won the silver medal for graphic novel of the year from Foreword Reviews and Sharks: A 400 Million Year Journey (Source).

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