The Chicken and the Worm / El Pollo y El Gusano

In this story of friendship, innovation and humor, both the chicken and the worm learn about each other and learn to respect one another. It’s a great lesson for chickens, worms and children on the idea that even the smallest creatures can work together to care for the Earth.

This free book and activity packet, available as free PDF downloads, focus on teaching the younger generations about the importance of giving and the impact their actions can have on making the world a more sustainable place for everyone.

Additional books include the following:

  • Flora and the Runaway Rooster: Young Flora dreams of going to school with her brother and sister so she can play soccer. But when one of her family’s roosters Kubika runs loose, he leads Flora on an adventure in her native Rwanda.
  • Winter in Songming / Invierno en Songming (English/Spanish): As winter approaches in a small Chinese village, young Zadou is excited as he first watches, then participates in the construction of an addition to his simple home. A delightful portrait of a community’s pulling together to build a better future, this story highlights Zadou working alongside his father and the other men in the village as together they build something strong to see them through many winters in rural China.
  • Once There Was and Was Not / Había y no Había una Vez (English/Spanish): Based on a true story, this Armenian proverb unites young Artun and his two friends, Sarkis and Lazar, with one beautiful cow. As the trio learn about sharing, caring and responsibility, this modern folktale reminds us how small acts can change the world for the better.

Organization: Heifer International

Heifer International started with a shipment of seventeen cows to Puerto Rico in 1944. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and their communities.

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