Capture Creatures

100 creatures appear on earth. You’re gonna wanna capture them all! Tamzen isn’t happy: her dad is always busy in his lab, she doesn’t exactly have a lot of friends, and to top it off, she’s in trouble with the Rangers for going off into the wilderness without permission. But when a creature unlike anything she’s ever seen appears unexpectedly in the forest, Tamzen sets off on an adventure with lab intern Jory and Ranger Teddy in search of answers…and what they find may be more than they can handle alone. Join the unlikeliest team of heroes ever on this beautiful, mysterious journey through a very wild world. From the blockbuster team of Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt (Tiny Kitten Teeth), and featuring brilliant color work from Katy Farina (Steven Universe, Rick & Morty) comes a fully-painted comic book that takes kids deep into the mysterious world of the Capture Creatures! (Source)

Frank Gibson is a New Zealand-born, Los Angeles-based writer specializing in comics and animation. With his partner Becky, he’s created successful crowdfunded books including Tigerbuttah, the Little Golden Books inspired children’s book, Tiny Kitten Teeth, a hand-painted English satire, and Capture Creatures, the 150+ page encyclopedia that led to the monthly comic-book series. In licensed comics, Frank has contributed stories for Adventure Time and The Simpsons, and wrote the Amazing World of Gumball Vol. 1 & 2. In animation, Frank co-wrote the first season of Bee & Puppycat, and has contributed freelance writing to numerous TV projects for Hasbro and Cartoon Network. He also wrote the script for the Apple Design Award-winning mobile game about vikings, Oddmar. Specializing in animation development, Frank has developed original properties and contributed to reboots / re-imaginings for several studios, including Universal, Dreamworks, Disney Television Animation, and Cartoon Network. He currently works with Oscar-nominated studio TAIKO, developing original animated properties for film and television. Becky is a character designer, illustrator, painter and comic artist living in Los Angeles (Source).

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