The Chicken and the Worm / El Pollo y El Gusano

In this story of friendship, innovation and humor, both the chicken and the worm learn about each other and learn to respect one another. It’s a great lesson for chickens, worms and children on the idea that even the smallest creatures can work together to care for the Earth. This free book and activity packet, […]

Exploring Biominerals

This activity guides students through exploring biological minerals, also called biominerals. Biominerals are formed by living organisms by a process called “biomineralization.”  Humans create minerals: We build our bones with a mineral called apatite. Mollusks create minerals, too: their shells! Corals create mineral skeletons, which are built up over time to create the marine architecture […]

Make Your Own Dinosaur Ecosystem Mural

Students work in groups to draw on one big sheet of poster paper to demonstrate what dinosaur ecosystems used to look like based on fossil evidence (diet, weather, etc). This is one part of a five-part lesson about fossils. Each part has a one-hour webinar with experts describing different types of fossils. This is a […]