Wangari’s trees of peace: A true story from Africa

A book biography of environmentalist Wangari Maathai shows young readers exactly how much of a difference one determined person with a vision can make. Born near Mount Kenya, Wangari misses the trees of her homeland while she is in the United States studying. Upon her return, she finds a desolate land where buildings have displaced […]

A Family for Faru

In this touching story of belonging and environmental awareness, a young boy’s courage and ingenuity help an orphaned rhinoceros find safety in a new herd. Tetenya and his mother have found Faru, a baby rhinoceros, alone on the savannah. They know that rhino herds will adopt orphaned infants, but finding the rangers who protect local […]

Batsirai Shasha – Air Pollution (“Breathe In” Campaign Song)

On the International Day for Clean Air for Blue Skies, Air Quality Asia, a UN-based global advocacy group, released an inspirational anthem for the clean air movement for one of the most polluted hotspots on the planet, South Asia. The anthem, titled SaafHawa (clean air), is linked to the UN Breathe Life Campaign and reaches […]

Mikindani Residents Decry Air Pollution From Clinker Factory

Mikindani residents have decried air pollution from a clinker factory in the area saying that the dust causes severe skin irritation. They claim that two children have been adversely affected by the dust released from the factory and are calling on the health officers in the region to take action. Johana Kalu, who is a […]

Wangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story From Africa

As a young girl growing up in Kenya, Wangari was surrounded by trees. But years later when she returns home, she is shocked to see whole forests being cut down, and she knows that soon all the trees will be destroyed. So Wangari decides to do something—and starts by planting nine seedlings in her own […]

Wangari Maathai: The Woman Who Planted Millions of Trees

Wangari Maathai said, “Trees are living symbols of peace and hope.” The trees that she and her Green Belt Movement planted are more than symbols, they are the result of the hard work of the women she enlisted to replant Kenya’s forests, replenish the wildlife, and instill democracy among the people. This simply told story […]

Rehabilitating the Aberdares: The Trickling Effect

This documentary is about the Green Belt Movement’s experience with grassroots communities to showcase the successes and challenges faced. To date, the project has planted over 3.8 million trees on 3,800 hectares of public and forestlands and brought economic empowerment to the area. Creators: The Green Belt Movement (GBM) & The Agence Française de Développement […]

Helping Brother Rhinoceros

When Brother Rhinoceros gets stuck in the mud, his friend Mr. Oxpecker brings back different animals to help. They all have a unique skill, but on their own none can help Brother Rhinoceros out of the mud. When they work together as a team, each contributing his or her own special skill, they are able […]

Our Elephant Neighbours

One day Robert and his little sister, Mary, head to the waterhole for water. But when they arrive, a ‘big’ surprise is waiting for them – a family of elephants! Robert and Mary meet two young elephants and learn the many ways elephants and humans are alike, as well as the challenges elephants must face […]

Juma the Giraffe

Juma is a young giraffe who discovers, through his reflection at the waterhole, that he appears to look like all the other giraffes, and believes that he is not special. Disheartened, he confides his discovery to his mother, who teaches him the reasons why each giraffe trait is important for their lives. But Juma’s mother […]