Get to know our James Scholars – Erin Molay

I am Erin Molay, a graduating senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I am pursuing educational career goals and passion for science. Over the past two years, I have been actively involved in the Sustainable World Collaborative, a project that has afforded me the opportunity to engage in meaningful research and collaboration with fellow aspiring educators. This initiative involves the development and curation of a comprehensive database aimed at promoting international solidarity and supporting educators in fostering scientific literacy among all students, with a particular focus on sustainability education.

My primary motivation for joining this project stems from my unwavering interest in science as a subject and practice. Through extensive research and analysis of science materials, curriculum, and educational structures and values across different countries, I have delved into the ways in which our database can enhance access to socially, culturally, and ethically grounded science education. This experience has challenged me to critically understand and respond to diverse needs and perspectives of nations and policies, enabling me to better curate and promote a love for science learning while fostering an increased awareness of sustainability and environmental equity.

As I embark on my journey into the public education system, I am committed to carrying forward the practices and insights gained from my involvement in the Sustainable World Collaborative. Additionally, I eagerly anticipate utilizing the meticulously curated and designed database created by the expert team at the Sustainable World Collaborative, as a valuable resource in my future endeavors as a former researcher and now, as an educator.

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