Helping Brother Rhinoceros

When Brother Rhinoceros gets stuck in the mud, his friend Mr. Oxpecker brings back different animals to help. They all have a unique skill, but on their own none can help Brother Rhinoceros out of the mud. When they work together as a team, each contributing his or her own special skill, they are able to save Brother Rhinoceros. Through Kayla Harren’s captivating illustrations, children will learn the importance of teamwork while valuing their own special talents.

Accompanying activities and lessons are designed to complement the book, using the story to illustrate the interdependence of various environmental concepts and then showing how wildlife conservation issues affecting the rhinoceros and other wildlife interfere with that interdependence. Activities include reading comprehension activities, puzzles, story reenactments, food chain constructions, research exercises, and activism projects. Assessment ideas are also included.

Author(s): Monica Bond & Kayla Harren

Organization: Wild Nature Institute

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