Janjay Goes Upriver

Janjay is back! This time she’s headed Upriver—a rural region in Liberia to visit her grandmother. At first, she’s not too excited to leave her friends behind during a long school break but then she meets Tania—an American girl also visiting Upriver and the two become fast friends. Along the way, the girls exchange different cultures and build their friendship through a range of new experiences. For Tania, the biggest cultural change is learning about sanitation practices in Liberia. Although the girls live worlds apart, they have much in common. They have a fun time discovering together what Upriver has to offer until drama between their families threatens the newfound friendship. But Janjay is not willing to end her friendship with Tania so easily. The second book of the Janjay series is about friendship, culture, sanitation, honesty, and family ties.

Author(s): Chantal Victoria & Adebayo Dare

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