Lundi the Lost Puffin: The Child Heroes of Iceland

Based on the true child heroes of the Westman Islands in Iceland! Life was good for little Lundi the puffin. He lived in Iceland, and his mom and dad fed him fish from the ocean. But one day, his parents left him on his own, and Lundi had to find the ocean. Lundi tried to find the ocean, but he ended up in a town instead! Find out how the children of Iceland rescued Lundi, and thousands of other puffins every year! (Source)

Author(s): Eric Newman

Eric Newman is the owner of Iceland With Kids ( During the summer of 2016, Eric with his wife and 5 kids spent much of the summer in Iceland. They blogged about our travels around the country and turned all of that into a book: Iceland With Kids. The second edition of Iceland With Kids was published in February 2020. And the children’s picture book “Lundi the Lost Puffin” was published in July 2020. Eric is a certified Iceland Specialist (Inspired by Iceland) and has been featured by RUV (the largest Icelandic newspaper), The Icelandic League of the United States, and many more (Source).

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