Mandai Singapore Zoo Learn & Play

The Mandai Singapore Zoo has lesson packs for primary students to learn about animals, outdoor learning, and sustainability. They also have 1-minute introductory videos to animals at the zoo and information-dense books (~24 pages) to learn more about elephants, tigers, and giraffes.

Mandai Singapre Zoo nurtures a highly skilled team to provide world-class care for some 19,000 animals across more than 900 species. Slightly over 25% of the animals they care for represent species threatened with extinction in the wild. By working with zoos and partners globally, they contribute to ensuring the future survival of threatened species in human care. Mandai Singapore Zoo also supports local and regional conservation projects to protect species and their wild habitats. Through school and community engagement, on-site and online, they hope to deepen people’s connection with the natural world and take positive action to protect wildlife. Their actions and daily activities impact the environment and wildlife. By embracing sustainable best practices, they are working towards a carbon neutral destination and hope to inspire others to live more sustainably (Source).

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