Marine Missions

Marine Missions is a science app that promotes ocean conservation through fun mini-missions and activities. It encourages very young app users to think about what humans need to do to clean up the world’s oceans. Kids tap “Play” then choose the first challenge by tilting (or tapping) the iPad to move a boat on the screen to the correct spot on the map. In one activity, kids tap trash to toss it into a recycling bin and swipe to clean up an oil spill. In another, they swipe or tilt the screen to move a cute hermit crab over blowholes to recapture his mask. The Creature Builder provides lots of choices for making a pretend sea animal, and kids can also see photos with real sea life. There’s also some basic sea animal facts and photos in the app. Through these very simple games that encourage kids to pick up trash in the on-screen ocean or swipe up oil spills, kids get the essential messages about what pollutes our oceans. Nothing too deep in these waters, but just enough information and engaging play to set young kids sailing into ocean conservation.

Organization: National Geographic

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