Mongabay Kids

This is a resource-rich website, easily navigable in plain language for kids but chock-full of resources for educators. Highlighting issues, animals, and people surrounding sustainability around the world, this site is a perfect home base for sustainability education. Teachers can find photos and videos of wildlife from trail cams; comics on dung beetles and various plants; virtual field trips; regular blog posts; “book looks” for children’s literature on sustainability; features on organizations working for global sustainability; children’s guides for taking action on sustainability issues; leveled readers; and teaching activities.

Creator: Mongabay

Mongabay is a nonprofit environmental science and conservation news platform that produces original reporting in English, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Hindi, and Brazilian Portuguese by leveraging over 800 correspondents in some 70 countries. They are dedicated to evidence-driven objective journalism on forests, wildlife, oceans, and the conservation sector.

Pangolin-themed coloring page.
Coloring page from the site. (Source)
Guided relaxation activity for kids. Features a photo and illustration of a manatee, then text guiding students to relax while learning more about manatees.
Guided relaxation activity from the site. (Source)
Panel from the Doug Beetle comic series. Shows illustrated family photos from Doug Beetle. The text reads: "This is the dung ball I was born in. My mom laid my egg in the center of the dung ball. This is me as a larva! I'm nice and safe and warm in my dung ball, surrounded by all the food I need! I'm literally eating myself out of house and home, starting from the middle of the ball."
Panel from the Doug Beetle comics. (Source)

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