Our Earth: How Kids are Saving the Planet

A windmill built from bicycle parts, a bridge made for a monkey, and a touch of magic…Young people are doing amazing things for the future of our planet.

Here are true stories of kids from around the world who each had an idea that started small and turned into something big. Read about ways that you too can make a difference, like William Kamkwamba in Malawi, who used the power of wind to change the life of his village. Or Kruti Parekh from India, who makes magic with recycling. There is Janine Licare in Costa Rica, who is saving the rainforest and its animals; and Ryan Hreljac from Canada, who is building wells in Africa to bring people clean water. And Sam Levin from the USA, whose organic school vegetable garden is connecting kids directly with their food. All of them are helping our Earth, and you can too (Source).

Author(s): Janet Wilson

Janet’s purpose in life is to tell the true stories of amazing kids. Inspired by the philosophy of Gandhi, “To reach Peace we must begin with the children”, she began both writing and illustrating a series of books about the power of one to motivate and empower readers to make a positive difference. One Peace: True Stories of Young Activists was followed by; Our Earth: How Kids Are Saving the Planet, Our Rights: How Kids are Changing the World, and Our Hearts: How Kids are Making a Difference, and Our Future: How Kids are Taking Action. These books combine her passions for portraiture and non-fiction that is inspiring, inter-generational, culturally inclusive, and international in scope, addressing important global issues of non-violence, environment, and social justice. While she was researching stories of young child-rights activists, she learned about Shannen Koostachin, who had been nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize. I was shocked that such systemic injustice was happening in my own country. Although she had never published a novel before, she was inspired by the actions of the children of Attawapiskat to tell this story and help raise awareness for other Canadians (Source).

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