Our Earth: How Kids Are Saving the Planet

Profiles twelve children who have had an impact on the environment, from a Canadian girl who gave a major speech to a Malawian boy who brought electricity to his village and a Chinese boy who works to keep endangered animals from the market (Source).

Author(s): Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson never planned to be a writer or an artist.  When their friends were going to university and starting careers, they was raising my two boys. Their children were imaginative and hilarious—always writing stories and drawing in their sketchbooks. They inspired Janet to go to Art College. Wilson didn’t know what kind of artist they wanted to be until they illustrated their first picture book. They loved telling stories in pictures by interpreting the words. Now, Janet’s purpose in life is to tell the true stories of amazing kids.Inspired by the philosophy of Gandhi, “To reach Peace we must begin with the children”, Wilson began both writing and illustrating a series of books about the power of one to motivate and empower readers to make a positive difference. One Peace: True Stories of Young Activists was followed by; Our Earth: How Kids Are Saving the Planet,Our Rights: How kids are Changing the World, and Our Hearts: How Kids are Making a Difference, and Our Future: How Kids are Taking Action. These books combine Wilson’s passions for portraiture and non-fiction that is inspiring, inter-generational, culturally inclusive, and international in scope, addressing important global issues of non-violence, environment, and social justice (Source).

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