Pedal Power

Cycling rules the road in Amsterdam today, but that wasn’t always the case. In the 1970’s, Amsterdam was so crowded with vehicles that bicyclists could hardly move, but moms and kids relied on their bicycles to get around the city. PEDAL POWER is the story of the people who led protests against the unsafe streets and took over a vehicles-only tunnel on their bikes, showing what a little pedal power could do! Author and illustrator Allan Drummond returns with the story of the people that paved the way for safe biking around the world (Source).

Author(s): Allan Drummond

Allan studied illustration at the royal college of art, and graphic design at the London college of printing. Among his tutors were quentin blake, tom eckersley, sheila robinson and peter brookes. Before studying art he was a reporter and sub-editor on the east anglian daily times. His many awards and accolades for illustration include a d+ad yellow pencil for his royal mail millennium postage stamp titled ‘the right to learn’. His book honours include a junior library guild selection, a best stem book award from the national science teachers association, and a notable social studies honour from the national council for social studies. His latest books feature a pioneering mix of journalism and reportage drawing to create what he calls his ‘non-fiction reportage picture books’ (Source).

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