Pratodo Mundo – Food for 10 Billion

Pratodo Mundo – Food for 10 Billion is an interactive museum tour that explores the sustainability issue of feeding a growing world population, estimated to arrive at 10 billion by 2050. The exhibition is divided into five major areas: The Culture of Eating, which will show how our eating habits are becoming globalized while market pressure is standardizing certain types of food, generating a loss of agrobiodiversity; New Agricultural Frontiers, which highlights alternative places that already produce food but will have to intensify production; Technologies, about techniques to improve the genetics and nutrients of food and its greater resilience to climate change; Health and Society, which addresses the quality of global diets, the importance of taking full advantage of food and alternatives in the consumption of proteins, such as insects, fungi, and algae; and finally, Food for Tomorrow. This resource is in Portuguese.

Organization: Museum of Tomorrow

Museum of Tomorrow is an Applied Sciences museum which explores the opportunities and challenges which humanity will be forced to tackle in the coming decades from the perspective of sustainability and conviviality. Launched December 2015 by Rio de Janeiro City Hall, Museum of Tomorrow is a Culture asset from Rio’s Secretary of Culture currently managed by IDG (Instituto de Desenvolvimento e Gestão). Example of a well-succeeded partnership between public power and private initiative, it has already received over three million visitors since opening. With Santander Bank as a Master Sponsor and a wide network of partner sponsors as – Shell, IBM, IRB-Brasil RE, Engie, Grupo Globo and CCR, the museum was originally conceived by Roberto Marinho Foundation (Source).

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