Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Provides 5 full lesson plans including games and activities for students including fishing and how human growth affect the extent of fishing, soil, flowers and insects, birds, and the evolution of race.

The museum displays to the public the national treasures of nature in Israel, which were selected from a scientific collection of five and a half million items. The exhibitions in the museum invite you to view thousands of items, collected over the years, in rare exhibitions, that tell the story of the natural world around us. The mission of the Steinhardt Museum of Nature at Tel Aviv University is to inspire the acquisition of knowledge, understanding and consolidation of connections and relationships with nature and our place in it – for future generations. The museum displays scientific knowledge (from the research that takes place in it) and distinct points of view in an experimental, multi-sensory and enjoyable way, by creating a distinct affinity and interaction with nature, in a way that you will not find elsewhere (Source).

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