The Green Giant

A beautiful eco-tale encouraging us to put down our devices and save the planet; written by an award-winning author and illustrator. You’ve met the Iron Giant, the Big Friendly Giant and the Selfish Giant. Now meet the Green Giant! A young girl, Bea, and her dog, Iris, are staying with her grandpa in the country. Bea is bored, but Iris’s adventures lead them to the small and rusty old greenhouse next door. Inside the greenhouse, Bea finds… a giant. A giant made entirely of plants and greenery. Bea is scared, but the giant reassures her and explains that he has escaped from the grey city. Bea and the giant become friends, but can they do anything to make the grey city, and the world, a greener place? A brilliant new picture book that highlights our concern for the environment, greening our cities, guerrilla gardening and making the world a better place (Source).

Author(s): Katie Cottle

Katie is a freelance illustrator and picture-book-maker living and working in Bristol, UK. Originally from Swansea, she moved to Bristol to study illustration at UWE and hasn’t left since graduating in 2017. Katie enjoys telling stories through her drawing and use of a variety of media, including a mix of traditional and digital techniques. She loves using bright colours and drawing grumpy faces (Source).

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