The Water Lady: How Darlene Arviso Helps a Thirsty Navajo Nation

This inspiring picture book tells the true story of a woman who brings desperately needed water to families on the Navajo reservation every day.

Underneath the New Mexico sky, a Navajo boy named Cody finds that his family’s barrels of water are empty. He checks the chicken coop– nothing. He walks down the road to the horses’ watering hole. Dry. Meanwhile, a few miles away, Darlene Arviso drives a school bus and picks up students for school. After dropping them off, she heads to another job: she drives her big yellow tanker truck to the water tower, fills it with three thousand gallons of water, and returns to the reservation, bringing water to Cody’s family, and many, many others. Here is the incredible and inspiring true story of a Native American woman who continuously gives back to her community and celebrates her people (Source).

Author(s): Alice McGinty

Alice is a writer. Ever since she was small, she’s played with words and made up poems, jump rope rhymes, and stories. When she got older, she wrote those words down. Then, when she was in my 20s, she began to send what she wrote to publishers. After many years of rejections, she got my first acceptance – a short poem in a magazine. Later, that was followed with a story in Jack and Jill Magazine, and then books, both fiction and nonfiction. Now, she’s written almost 50 books and after all these years, and still loves to play with words (Source).

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