The Wooden Camel

“Etabo dreams of being a camel racer. One day he might even beat his older brother when they race. But with the price of water rising, Etabo‚Äôs father must sell the camels, and his siblings must find work. What will Etabo do now?”

This picturebook tells the story of Etabo, a child who one day hopes to become a camel racer. Economic downturn and water scarcity, however, mean that Etabo’s father must sell the family’s camels and Etabo and his siblings must go to work. This story centers the Turkana people of Kenya and follows Etabo’s journey in sustaining dreams through great difficulties.

Author Wanuri Kahiu is an accomplished film director and producer. Her award-winning films have been seen at more than 100 film festivals around the world. Wanuri was born in Nairobi, Kenya.

Illustrator Manuela Adreani was born in Rome and lives in Turin, Italy. She has illustrated over 20 books, many of which have been translated into many different languages and distributed around the world.

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