Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation

The Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation provides virtual field trips so students can explore the ocean in their own classroom. Each virtual field trip contains the following:

  • A video – Each activity video is approximately 13 minutes long, but using the built-in pauses will extend the length and allow students to interact with the content.
  • Student worksheets – Handouts have students record and analyze data from the onboard experiments and identify the marine organisms they see.
  • Post-video activities – One or more activities can expand the content of the Virtual Field Trip video

They also provide free K-8 curriculum for those who make a free account. Think Earth instructional units teach students:

  • How we use natural resources
  • What causes waste and pollution
  • What we can all do to help keep our environment clean and healthy

Think Earth helps develop students’ understanding of how their actions impact the environment so that they are prepared to make environmentally conscious decisions. They learn to “Think Earth”! (Source)

The Think Earth mission is to help communities create and maintain a sustainable environment through education. We seek, initiate, and oversee environmental projects and partnerships among stakeholders from the business, education, government, and public sectors. These partnerships result in tangible ways for people to Think Earth, that is, for people to:

  • conserve natural resources (e.g., water, energy, habitat)
  • reduce waste (e.g., recycle, repair, and reuse products)
  • minimize pollution (e.g., air, water, land)

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