Unit Plans

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Basket of fresh garden vegetables on table
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Food Waste Unit

Grades 3 – 5


Students plan and conduct an investigation on food waste and the difference between food decomposing in a landfill versus in a compost. 

Students observe gradual changes that occur during the decomposition process in the differing environments and synthesize their findings to create a plan to address food waste in their school community.

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Air Quality in Our Communities – Draft

Grades 3 – 5



Students plan and carry out an investigation on air pollution through an audit of their community’s air quality to figure out how the energy and fuels that humans use affect the environment in multiple ways. 

Action Project:

Students synthesize their findings into a culminating action project exploring how human actions can affect the world around them through the evaluation of the relationships between air pollution and community health.

Hands catching stream of clean water
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Youth Activism for Water Justice in the U.S.

Grades 4 – 6


Students investigate America’s water crisis through an audit of their school’s water and inquiry into youth water justice activism. Students evaluate data to make conclusions about their school’s water quality and synthesize their findings into a culminating action project.