Vicki and a Summer of Change! / !Vicki y un Verano de Cambio!

Inspired by actual events, Vicki and A Summer of Change! ¡Vicki y un verano de cambio! the story recounts what happened in East Harlem, New York in 1969. Members of the activist Young Lords Organization united with residents to make positive neighborhood changes. The story follows Vicki Alegría Rodríguez and her older sister, Valentina, who live in East Harlem. Rotting garbage overwhelms the streets because city sanitation trucks rarely pick up the trash. Determined to change the situation, the Young Lords start sweeping the streets. Neighbors eagerly jump in with brooms, and Vicki enthusiastically joins them. “You’re never too young to make a difference!” her sister says. Together they discover they can help change their community and the world. This beautifully illustrated English and Spanish book is for children 5 to 8 years old.

The accompanying coloring book offers 20 stunning black and white illustrations. The book aims to show children to speak up for what is just and support others doing the same. The coloring pages show scenes of activism, the East Harlem neighborhood, and the community residents.

Author(s): Raquel M. Ortiz, Iris Morales, Sabrina Cintron, & Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez

Excerpt from the book.
Cover of the accompanying coloring book.

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