“Did we take more than our due?”

Weaving his tale around a Gond fable about water, artist Subash Vyam muses on the history of our relationship to this most primeval of elements. A migrant to the city, he recalls growing up in a village where water was always scarce and human ingenuity was welcomed. In contrast to the village, the needs of the city are monstrous and there is a great danger that we will run this resource completely dry. In the end, there is only one way forward: all communities need to make a pact with Nature in order to survive — or in our mindless push to harness her powers, we might lose our own place in this universe (Source).

Subhash Vyam is a talented artist from the Gond tribe of Central India. His paintings often depict Gond myths, offering a balance of narrative with colour and line. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums, both in India and abroad. Orange, gold, yellow and green are his favourite colours to paint with. Laura Nogueira has always been interested in children’s books. As a graphic designer, she loves to explore how color, rhythm and type works with words and illustration to tell stories. From her home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she has tried to incorporate that into her work with books, as well as in marketing and branding (Source).

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