Where Wonder Grows / Donde las Maravillas Crecen

“When Grandma walks to her special garden, her granddaughters know to follow her there. Grandma invites the girls to explore her collection of treasures—magical rocks, crystals, seashells, and meteorites–to see what wonders they reveal. ‘They are alive with wisdom,’ Grandma says. As her granddaughters look closely, the treasures spark the girls’ imaginations. They find stories in the strength of rocks shaped by volcanoes, the cleansing power of beautiful crystals, the mystery of the sea that houses shells and shapes the environment, and the long journey meteorites took to find their way to Earth. This is the power of Grandma’s special garden, where wonder grows and stories blossom.”

“Cuando la abuela va hacia su jardín especial, sus nietas saben que deben seguirla. Abuelita invita a las niñas a explorar su colección de tesoros (rocas mágicas, cristales, conchas marinas y meteoritos) para ver qué maravillas revelan. “Son seres vivos y llenos de sabiduría,” dice la abuela. Mientras sus nietas observan con atención, los tesoros despiertan la imaginación de las niñas. Encuentran historias en la fuerza de las rocas formadas por los volcanes, el poder limpiador de hermosos cristales, el misterio del mar que albergan las conchas y cómo le dan forma al medio ambiente y el largo viaje que hicieron los meteoritos para encontrar su camino hacia la Tierra. Éste es el poder del jardín especial de la abuela, donde las maravillas crecen y florecen los cuentos.”

Gathered together, Grandma and the girls let their surroundings spark their imaginations. This is a wonderful book to foster a loving intergenerational family bond. With its dazzling illustrations and poetic text, it’s also the perfect book to encourage the curiosity of little ones and cultivate an enthusiastic approach to learning.

Author Xelena González lives in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas, USA. She is a storyteller, dancer, and award-winning author, and has worked as a children’s librarian in Texas, USA, and Guangzhou, China. She is a member of the Tap Pilam Coahuiltecan Nation and sought-after speaker on creative early literacy strategies and and reclaiming indigenous identity in Latinx communities..

Illustrator Adriana M Garcia is an award-winning illustrator of children’s literature and recognized for her contribution to public art through community murals. Her work focuses on honoring ancestors, access to education, and immigration issues. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA, and has studied art in Pennsylvania, USA, and Valencia, Spain. 

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