Thea Stilton (Volume 6): The Thea Sisters and the Mystery at Sea

During a hot-air balloon flight, the Thea Sisters discover that the turtles have vanished from Turtle Island! If that wasn’t alarming enough, dangerous drums of a strange oil are spotted off the shore of the island-a disaster waiting to happen! The Thea Sisters are surprised that none other than Vissa De Vissen wants to help them save the island and the turtles! All seems lost until Nicky and Paulina spot a couple of turtles entering a mysterious underground cave! There are mysteries within mysteries, but the Thea Sisters are determined to solve them all and save the day. (Source)

Author: Elisabetta Dami

Author Elisabetta Dami was born in Milano, the daughter of a father who adored books, Piero Dami. He had founded many years ago a publishing house of books for children, Dami Editore… and by the age of thirteen, Elisabetta already was working for him, as a proof reader, plunged into books, already dreaming of becoming a writer. At the age of twenty Elisabetta already was touring the world with her father, because his books for children were sold in many different countries. After that precious experience, in which Elisabetta learnt the little big secrets of publishing, she realized that what really made her happy was writing and since then, she never stopped writing books, with love and passion, with excitment and commitment, with all my heart. In every book she writes there is a little bit of her, especially her love for adventure. (Source)

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