Children’s Exhibition for the Environment

This is an online exhibition that explores how children can help take care of our environment. There are videos and explanations covering biodiversity, plastic in the sea, and climate change. Stations include

  • Make waves! Give the sea a break. Stick your hands in your fins and explore the sea. Travel with the giant whale into the blue realm. Help out on the beach or build a reef. Our motto: Save the sea!
  • For a wild world! Is everything in balance? Take a walk on the wild side. Meet diverse species, let plants grow, be cunning like a chameleon in the desert or help bring the polar bear safely across the ice.
  • Super powers! Protect diversity. Are you a clever creature? Then slip into the feathers, guard the forest and get your paws ready. It’s time to take on a task in the ecosystem. What are you waiting for?
  • Saving the climate makes sense! Build a house out of old rubbish and unearth ideas on how to produce less rubbish. Go on a climate-neutral shopping trip and discover why too much cow muck makes a really big mess!
  • Step by step: Come along! Role models and trend setters: Meet children with smart ideas and big hearts who are helping us – and our planet.
  • Going global now: Transforming the world for tomorrow: Take a look what can be done today! Take a stroll through the wardrobe of the future, you’ll be surprised by ink made out of dirty air and other brainwaves from around the world.

Creator Labyrinth Children’s Museum is based in Berlin, Germany, and has had more than 1.5 million visitors (children and adults) since its foundation in 1997. It is a regular and a popular inherent part of Berlin’s cultural and educational landscape.

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