Climate Lit

Climate Lit is a hub for building young people’s climate literacy with literature, film, and stories in other media. The website offers a literature database, curricula, and a climate glossary all of which are focusing on increasing students’ climate literacy. Organization: Climate Lit Climate Lit was founded in 2021 as a cooperative of educators, scholars, […]

Ecotourism Laos

This website mainly serves as a vacation planner, but it includes a lot of great cultural information as well. There is a lot of history with the natural resources in Laos such as the Konglor Cave, and it has short written prompts to accompany the photos. Organization: Ecotourism Laos This organization is the government agency […]

5 Chinese “Artivists” That Took on China’s Air Pollution

With avenues of protest and online discussion strictly controlled, artists in China are finding increasingly creative ways to voice their frustration at their cities’ appalling air pollution It’s easy to see why: at the end of 2016, an area of China larger than Spain and Portugal put together was trapped under a cloud of smog […]

Praying for Blue Skies: Artistic Representations of Air Pollution in China

This article examines how artists have engaged with the issue of air pollution in Beijing, where poor air quality has become a serious public health matter. Artists have utilized various mediums including performance art, photography, and painting to represent smog. Through generating media and online attention this work has contributed to a relatively vibrant “green […]

Turning Air Pollution Into Art? Yes, It’s a Thing

Within the walls of the MIT Media Lab in Boston, Anirudh Sharma and Nikhil Kaushik invented Air-Ink, a professional art supply made directly from car exhaust and soot. Since they officially began “capturing” pollution in June 2016, Sharma, Kaushik, and the rest of their team at Graviky Labs have cleaned 1.6 trillion liters of air (Source). Organization: Sierra […]

How a Pop-up Project is Turning Air Pollution Into Street Art

Pop-up global art project turns air pollution into street art from London to New York City in honor of Earth day. This is made possible by Air-Ink, Sharma’s invention born out of the MIT Media Lab, in which carbon emissions are collected, purified, and converted to a rich, water-resistant black ink that can be used in […]

More Than 90% of the World’s Children Breathe Toxic Air Every Day

Every day around 93% of the world’s children under the age of 15 years (1.8 billion children) breathe air that is so polluted it puts their health and development at serious risk. Tragically, many of them die: WHO estimates that in 2016, 600,000 children died from acute lower respiratory infections caused by polluted air (Source). […]

Climate and Clean Air Coalition

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition has an action resource library with articles and datasets concerning air pollution in various countries along with the policies that are in place to address the situation. Organization: Climate and Clean Air Coalition The Union is the international federation of civil society organisations concerned with air pollution. Most of […]

Moms Clean Air Force

Moms Clean Air Force has a resource library to help us understand the health impacts of air pollution and climate change. Their goal is to educate and empower parents with knowledge. Their materials are vetted by top scientists and public health experts (Source). Organization: Moms Clean Air Force Moms Clean Air Force is a community […]

Stop MAT Asphalt!

This resource is an article on the effects MAT Asphalt has had on the surrounding area. MAT Asphalt is a hot mix asphalt plant in the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago. It’s next to a school, across the street from a 69 acre park, and less than 1000 feet from the nearest homes. The plant’s […]