Climate Lit

Climate Lit is a hub for building young people’s climate literacy with literature, film, and stories in other media. The website offers a literature database, curricula, and a climate glossary all of which are focusing on increasing students’ climate literacy. Organization: Climate Lit Climate Lit was founded in 2021 as a cooperative of educators, scholars, […]

Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation

The Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation provides virtual field trips so students can explore the ocean in their own classroom. Each virtual field trip contains the following: They also provide free K-8 curriculum for those who make a free account. Think Earth instructional units teach students: Think Earth helps develop students’ understanding of how their […]

EcoRise Freemium Lessons

EcoRise Freemium lessons are stand-alone lessons from each of our five curriculum suites, including Sustainable Intelligence, Design Studio, Business of Social Good, Green Building Lessons for a Sustainable Future, and Biomimicry and Science. Each lesson includes a detailed lesson plan as well as additional resources such as student worksheets, presentations, and assessment checklists and rubrics.We […]

Soil Biodiversity Digital Exhibition

The museum provides a 5-step pictograph guide of the basics of soil, types of soil, soil biodiversity. Organization: Emirates Soil Museum The history of the museum goes back to 19 May 2010 when ICBA’s Senior Soil Scientist Dr. Shabbir Shahid as Chairman of the Recommendation Committee of the International Conference on Soil Classification and Reclamation of Degraded Lands […]

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Provides 5 full lesson plans including games and activities for students including fishing and how human growth affect the extent of fishing, soil, flowers and insects, birds, and the evolution of race. Organization: The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History The museum displays to the public the national treasures of nature in Israel, which were selected from […]

Juma the Giraffe

Juma is a young giraffe who discovers, through his reflection at the waterhole, that he appears to look like all the other giraffes, and believes that he is not special. Disheartened, he confides his discovery to his mother, who teaches him the reasons why each giraffe trait is important for their lives. But Juma’s mother […]

Pan-African Conservation Education

Full sustainability curriculum that educators can apply for, plus samples that are accessible to all. Posters, videos, lesson plans, worksheets, and a textbook about sustainability on the African continent. Organization: Tusk

Celebrating Africa’s Giants

This curriculum from Tanzania centers charismatic African mega-herbivores (rhinocerous, giraffes, and elephants) to promote conservation and ecological understanding as well as U.S.-Tanzanian relationships. Posters, books, recorded read-alouds, and activities are available on the site. Workbooks are available printed in Swahili. They also publish a magazine, Nature’s Giants, which is available through an external link. Organization: […]