Every Last Drop

In the developed world, if you want a drink of water you just turn on a tap or open a bottle. But for millions of families worldwide, finding clean water is a daily challenge, and kids are often the ones responsible for carrying water to their homes. Every Last Drop looks at why the world’s water resources are at risk and how communities around the world are finding innovative ways to quench their thirst and water their crops. Maybe you’re not ready to drink fog, as they do in Chile, or use water made from treated sewage, but you can get a low-flush toilet, plant a tree, protect a wetland or just take shorter showers. Every last drop counts! (Source)

Resource Creator(s)

Michelle Mulder went to University and studied literature and helped dig a water pipeline in the Dominican Republic. When she graduated, she cycled 6000 kilometres across Canada, became a travel writer, taught creative writing in the Arctic, and worked as a simulated patient for medical students to practice on. She also married the pen pal that she’d been writing to since she was fourteen years old, and together they traveled around his home country of Argentina.

She began writing for kids because kids’ books have always been the ones she most enjoyed reading. These days, when she’s not writing or going on adventures, you can find her outside, watching the birds, hiking, swimming, or pedalling around town. She lives with her partner and their fantastic kid (Source).

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