Our Elephant Neighbours

One day Robert and his little sister, Mary, head to the waterhole for water. But when they arrive, a ‘big’ surprise is waiting for them – a family of elephants! Robert and Mary meet two young elephants and learn the many ways elephants and humans are alike, as well as the challenges elephants must face to survive. In the end, the little humans vow to do what they can to help elephants, and to never forget their new friends from the waterhole.

The accompanying collection of six activities is designed to complement and expand upon the concepts raised in the picture book Our Elephant Neighbours. The activities are aimed at all ability levels and use a multidisciplinary approach. Where appropriate, more in-depth activities are provided for older/advanced participants. Our Elephant Neighbours presents a number of facts on various aspects of elephant biology. These activities are designed to organize those facts into logical groups, putting them into proper perspective with related environmental concepts. The activities can be completed independently from each other or in sets. Activities include a reading comprehension exercise, physical education about elephant behavior, discussion opportunities, family photo illustrations, social organization diagrams, and games. Assessment ideas are also included.

Author(s): Monica Bond & Kayla Harren

Organization: Wild Nature Institute

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