Food Carbon Emissions Calculator

Using the Food Carbon Emissions Calculator, you can calculate the carbon emissions from your food reported above in Kg of CO2e, including major greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. The calculator breaks down the following:

*Production emissions for the production (cradle to farmgate) and any processing of quantity purchased

*Transport emissions for the transport of quantity purchased: local transport, any ocean transport, and user-defined long-distance truck transport

*Waste emissions for the landfilling of quantity wasted (with typical waste energy recovery)

*Packaging and cooking are not included.

Resource Creator(s)

Cleanmetrics mission is to enable data-driven climate actions by both businesses and consumers. They are acting on multiple fronts to accomplish this. They are reducing the barriers to accessing high-quality data and analysis. They offer subscription-based web apps, APIs and highly streamlined consulting services that should be affordable to most businesses and organizations. Their innovative tools and databases can significantly reduce the time and effort involved in getting a product carbon footprint or corporate greenhouse gas inventory done. They are continuously working to make the data and the metrics easier to understand and act on. Their goal is to get users and customers to the next step of reducing or offsetting their climate impacts (Source).

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