Jasper and the Spirit Skies

When the city of San Diego has disconnected from nature and fallen into a state of disrepair, Mother Nature decides something must be done. She places a spell on the town to end their excessive use of natural resources. Jasper, a teenager living in San Diego discovers a talisman that connects him to Windy, a messenger of Mother Nature. Jasper finds himself transformed into a hummingbird, and with Windy’s guidance, Jasper journeys into the Spirit Skies. He takes flight on a mission to find Mother Nature, and change San Diego into a place where nature and humans can exist in harmony, meeting animal friends and learning a new appreciation of the environment along the way. The talisman, shattered at the end of the first Volume, points the way to the start of 4 different quests, the first of which leads Jasper and his friend Mai to Panama, igniting the start of a powerful experience about environmental stewardship and awareness. (https://www.spiritskies.org/)

Envision Conservatory for the Humanities provides instruction in research techniques and an introduction to the following four humanities principles: philosophy, civics, theology, and ethics (Source).

SanDISCA’s mission as the umbrella organization is to increase the visibility, effectiveness, efficiency and viability of the City of San Diego’s Sister City Societies and to guide the development of proposed Sister City relationships, thereby supporting their missions in the areas of cultural, educational, and economic relationships. To promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time (Source).

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