Wild Lebanon

There are so many ways to inspire young people to care about the environment. It is essential that students are provided with relevant local information, but also that they can EXPERIENCE something of the beauty and fragility of the environment around them. So a call to teachers! Use this website as a resource to teach the Lebanese youth about Lebanon’s environment but also take them out into it – see it, smell it, feel it, ENJOY it!This section of the website is dedicated to providing background information and resources to teachers and University students (Source).

Organization: Wild Lebanon

A Rocha Lebanon was founded in 1996, its initial focus was to save the Aammiq marshes from destruction. The Aammiq Wetland is Lebanon’s most significant remaining natural freshwater site, one of all too few in the Middle East. This major stop-over site for migrating birds was under severe threat. Due to the work of A Rocha the reduction of its habitats has been reversed and it is now a designated Ramsar site. Beyond Aammiq, A Rocha has gained valuable experience in working throughout the country, on behalf of government departments, nature reserves and international conservation bodies. This included scientific research, practical conservation and environmental education (Source).

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