Vicki and a Summer of Change! / ¡Vicki y un Verano de Cambio!

Inspired by historical events, this unique coloring book offers 20 stunning black and white illustrations. The coloring book is a companion to the children’s book of the same name, which aims to encourage children to speak up for what is just and support others doing the same. Each page portrays the story of community solidarity in 1969 when members of the Young Lords Organization united with East Harlem residents to challenge lack of city services and awful conditions in the neighborhood.

The story follows young Vicki Alegría Rodríguez and her older sister, Valencia, who get involved in the campaign for clean streets. They discover they can make a positive change in their community. “You’re never too young to make a difference!” they say. The coloring pages show scenes of activism, the East Harlem neighborhood, and the community residents.

Co-author Raquel M. Ortiz, PhD, is an educator and award-winning children’s book author. Born and raised in Ohio, USA, Raquel earned a graduate degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Salamanca. She writes children’s books to celebrate traditions and histories for children from Caribbean and Latinx countries.

Co-author Iris Morales an activist, educator, and author who was a leading member of the Young Lords Organization. She is the founding director and executive editor of Red Sugarcane Press, which publishes stories about Puerto Rican and Latinx communities.

Artwork produced by Somos Arte design studios, directed by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, a proud “Nuyorican” writer and art director, illustrated by Sabrina Cintron, a Connecticut-based illustrator and comics artist, and colored by Eliana Falcón-Dvorsky, an award-winning Puerto Rican comic artist/writer, illustrator, storyboard artist, and animator.

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