Dolphin SOS

Based on true events, Dolphin SOS recounts the story of three dolphins trapped in an ice-covered cove off the coast of Newfoundland. After the government fails to provide assistance, local children take matters into their owns hands in order to save the distressed dolphins.

Illustrator Julie Flett is a Cree-Métis artist who has received numerous awards for her children’s books. Her work focuses on the lives and cultures of indigenous Canadians.

Authors Roy Miki and Slavia Miki grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, and now live in Vancouver, BC. Roy is a writer, editor, and award-winning poet. Slavia is a life coach and licensed teacher of ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement).

Photo of the authors and illustrator of the book Dolphin SOS. From left to right stand illustrator Julie Flett, author Roy Miki, and author Slavia Miki.
Dolphin SOS illustrator Julie Flett with authors Roy and Salvia Miki.

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