ReFed Food Waste Data

Find out how much food is going uneaten in the US, learn why it’s happening, and see where it goes.


A centralized repository of information built with data from more than 50 public and proprietary datasets and providing granular estimates of how much food goes uneaten in the U.S., why it’s happening, and where it goes.


Click on different segments of the interactive pie chart to view a breakdown of food waste data filtered by sectors, geographic location, year, destinations, food types, and causes.

For more detailed information on the underlying assumptions and formulas for the final numbers that you see, please refer to the Methodology. For definitions, refer to the Glossary (Source).

Resource Creator(s)

ReFed is a national nonprofit that leverages a holistic view of the food system to collaborate with key audiences and generate large-scale, meaningful impact. Recognized as a leading voice for change, they accomplish their work by: leveraging data and insights, catalyzing capital and innovation, and mobilizing businesses and people (Source).

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